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Text for Page 140 [08-23-1862]

                    To Hilton Head.
slate-colored cloud with a ragged tail to
it, which seemed to diminish to a thread as
it approached the agitated surface of the water
it rose and fell, finally being drawn up-
wards and disappearing.
   24.  Sunday.  Another lost day.
   25.  Monday.  Off by 2 P.M.  A rough
sea and rain storms.
   26.  Tuesday.  Hilton Head again.  A
gun fired to bid us lie-to.  Arrival of Dr
Crispell in fatigue, cap, heavy military cloak
and waterproof overalls.  He is the centre of
a crowd of us and says that he has orders
to board every vessel in anticipation of the
Yellow Fever.  We learn that Halpine has
gone to Washington to assume a position
on the staff of Gen. Halleck that the negro
regiment has been disbanded because Gen.
Hunter couldn�t get money to pay the men or
clothing from the government.  A storm
of rain.  Crispell goes off on the little tug
which brought him, to return again in the
afternoon, with the agreeable information that
Gen. Hunter has condemned us to a fortnight�s
quarantine in St. Helena Sound.  Crispell,
who was a pro-slavery democrat, ridiculed
Hunter representing him as an old woman,               
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