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Text for Page 141 [08-26-1862]

                   Sent to Quarantine
afraid personally of the yellow fever.  Gen-
eral dissatisfaction and natural, but un-
fair, inclination to side with that opinion.
  The doctor also brought letters for those on
board from the Hilton Head post-office �
and a demi-john of whiskey from Smith to
Thompson.  I got a letter from Sinclair, none
from England or New York, but lots of
Tribunes.  A general scare about us and
yellow fever at Port Royal.  Slept, this
night and others in the captains cabin,
my berth being wet from leakage.
   27.  Wednesday.  Crispell aboard
again, with more papers, up to the 23rd
of the month.  News of McClellan�s having
been driven back on the peninsula and pros-
pects of a battle on the Rappahannock.  Read-
ing papers all day.  In the afternoon up
anchor and to St Helena Sound.  A visit
during the afternoon to Gen. Terry by the
captains of a gun boat, the Shepherd Knapp,
others anchored, who kept the general and
Bacon in an almost perpetual roar of laugh-
ter by his conversation (and me awake,
for I was in my berth, trying to doze away
the afternoon).  He was on the blockade
service and Bacon described him as an               
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