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Text for Page 147 [08-31-1862]

               My Fellow � Passengers
a hater of slavery and all its belongings,
honestly patriotic and doing his best to qualify
himself for his military position.  Does his
work well.  Is an ex-Connecticut lawyer,
has travelled in Europe with profit.  Very
tall, blue-eyed and four-haired.  Feels
his oats a little on the strength of his recently
required military dignity, but altogether
I like him.  Is cousin or brother to Rose
Terry of the Atlantic Mag. and Harper�s.
Knew Theodore Winthrop at college and
pronounces him a �perfect little beast.�
   Capt. Bacon.  His assistant-adjutant
general.  A little man, and like nearly all
such, of my acquaintance, very conceited.
So an ex-lawyer from Midland New York,
has travelled in Europe with Terry.  They
were there during the outbursts of the rebellion
and Bacon talks of the annoyance of travel-
ling Americans at the laughter provoked by
the bombardment of Sumter with �nobody
killed.�  Talks with precision and in air
of knowing more than his neighbors.  Walks
heavily and gets as much noise out of his
boots as is possible.  Does �dignity out on
a constitutional� in pacing up and down the
cabin every day, jarring with floor when one               
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