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Text for Page 069 [03-30-1852]

              a pile of old Traveler blocks, desirous of selling
them to Strong, (the which in the sequel he effected
not.)     To the Reveille Office for copies of papers,
getting beside a small debt ($1.50) paid me by Charles.
To the Literary World Office, thence to dinner.
Lantern Office, Baudoin, Butler, Bellew &
Woodward there.   To Lockington�s room, he there
with Holbrook.   Met Hawkins � and then Weldon
who taking my arm together we visited a hybrid
half-liquor-half cigar store, where sitting for
an hour together conversing, I found that he was
the husband of the �Mrs Weldon� of Franklin Street.
The free and easy red haired  lady cognizant of authors,
authorlings, actors and notabilities, [words crossed out]
who sang, whistled & smoked,
fraternized with everybody, and wasn�t at all good
looking.   Had a room next to mine once.  She 
talked freely enough of leaving her husband, &               
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