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Text for Page 150 [08-31-1862]

               My Fellow � Passengers
unjustly of affectation and a mild flavor
of conceit.  Plays cards and checquers.
   Lieut. James. Aide de camp on Gen. Terry�s
staff, an ex-dry-goods clerk from Rhode
Island.  A rather easy-natured young
fellow, lewd and shallow.  Is yellow
with the jaundice.  Told me a good deal
about Brownlaw the horse-parson and bully-
patriot of Eastern Tennessee, whom he had
travelled with during the tour of the jack-
priest and his family in the eastern states.
   Capt. Bacon of the N.Y. 37th.  No relation
to t�other Bacon.  Young, sharp-faced,
common-looking and pro-slavery.  A cheap
person altogether.
   Dr. Dalton, of I don�t know what regi-
ment.  Spectacled and reddish-bearded.
Has accompanied us throughout our cruise
and been sick since two days after starting.
 Said to be skilful, but evidently selfish
and unsocial.  Is particular about getting
special toast made for himself at meals.
Never doctors James and when induced to
visit one of the poor, sick soldiers below, gave
him two pills, one of which wouldn�t stay
on the man�s stomach, when Dalton told
him �he must do without em.�  Many of               
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