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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 152 [08-31-1862]

               My Fellow Passengers
 Lieut. Richard Thompson (ranking as
Captain.) A young fellow, about five and
twenty, beardless, slim and would be rather
handsome but for the abrupt cork-up of
just the end of his nose.  Son to a pro-sla-
very politician, a Virginian, and himself
possessing all the ordinary brutal American
prejudice against the negro, and in favor
of �the institution.�  Told me he was a Vir-
ginian, which proved to be a falsehood,
the family having moved to Indiana.  Is
plucky, generous, liberal, selfish and self-
willed, also masterful.  Looks a gentleman
and has a good deal of self reliance and
assurance in a quiet way.  Tells the longest
of stories with no end of impertinent detail
to �em, especially when he is affected by
liquor.  Is in his right place, however, and
will probably prove a good soldier.  Has
seen service in Missouri, with Gen. Hunter.
Like all U.S. officers is great in what
is due to military rank from subordinates.
Has done  a a large amount of drinking
and fornication in his time and tells anec-
dotes about western actresses, especially
one Dora Shaw, who was, I think, one
of the Bohemians at Pfaffs.  For portrait,               
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