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Text for Page 153 [08-31-1862]

                  Aboard the Delaware.
see page 70.  Resembles George Arnold very
much, in face and manner, of which he has
been told before I remarked upon it.
   Lieut. Charles Hay, 3rd Cavalry U.S.
A. Fat and very much freckled smooth-faced
vulgarish, not unkindly, much less �hard�
than Captain Dick Thompson.  Sensual, with
a steak of sentimentality; has told me of a
love-affair in which he is engaged � �quite se-
erious, you know,� � correspondence etc. Is,
I think more amiable than Thompson, his
friend and companion.  Both of them had
volunteered as privates at the beginning of
the war, probably calculating on being raised
from the ranks through the influence of friends.
 Portrait on page 70.               The two became
my companions to some extent throughout
the voyage, owing to intimacy at Hilton Head;
but I should have infinitely preferred Rice,
who was in every respect their superior, being
a good fellow and a gentleman, with whom
I got on capitally.  Up to the moment of em-
barkation he had intended accompanying us,
but Gen. Wright liked him and he preferred
a chance of active service.
    Captain Faircloth.  Dour-looking, self-
willed and brutally maritime in the expression               
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