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Text for Page 154 [08-31-1862]

               My Fellow Passengers 
of his opinions when opposed.  Ferociously
pro-slavery, like most New Jerseymen.
Ignorant and intolerant but a good
sailor.  Generally spoken of as �a fine man�
and �a first rate fellow� in the meanly
deferential spirit of the ordinary run of Ame-
ricans when subjected to the petty despotism
of some small despot.  I get along pretty
well with him until we talk of slavery.  He
is very propitiatory after my display of ill-
   Birdsall the Purser.  A fat New Yorker,
marked with small-pox, his face shaven,
except a tuft on the chin, his hair cut so
short that his head might have been sand-
papered.  Liberal in �standing�, drinks, but 
disposed to depreciatory groveling at the
absence of reciprocation, his idea of social
intercourse consisting of tippling, and his
ideal of a fine fellow being a lavish drinker,
who spends money freely.  Rather master-
ful, like most maritime people, and prone
to familiarity.  Is naturally a good humor-
ed man spoilt by the exercise of petty au-
thority.  Talks coarsely.  Altogether �a
first rate fellow.�
   Lewis Stetson, Engineer, a good � hu-               
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