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Text for Page 156 [08-31-1862]

                        In Quarantine
all the rest were noisy semi-brutal and re-
pellant.  One, a fat, white, flabby man
jerked plates away from you, at meal times,
as if he had a personal quarrel with them;
his moroseness would have been comic if it
hadn�t tried one�s temper.  Another, a tall,
self-willed young fellow, did what you told
him in as unpleasant a manner as possible.
The negroes were equally ill-conditioned, they
lied, and they squabbled among themselves
like cats or monkeys.  The setting on or ta-
king off of dishes made as much noise as a
bull in a china-shop.  Indeed everybody
in authority on board was a petty despot,
and unpleasant in proportion to his opportu-
nities.          In addition to all these nuisances
I was plagued with the Job-like affliction
of sore boils, two large and extremely pain-
ful ones appearing on the inside of my
left thigh, looking like miniature volcanoes.
I suppose the heat and the want of vegetable
diet combined to produce them; for we
had got down to salt fare exclusively, of
which we were heartily tired.  When I went
on deck I had to hobble like a cripple.
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