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Text for Page 157 [09-01-1862]

                  Aboard the Delaware.
   {1.  Monday.       Writing to Hannah, the Trib-
   2.  Tuesday.         une, Heichhold, and an ar-
   3.  Wednesday.}  ticle for Sears� Hilton Head
paper, the New South, inserted on pages
111. and 113.  Some of our party make shoot-
ing excursions to the different islands, with
occasional success in the slaughter of plover
and curlew; I do not quit the vessel. The
family of the dead clergyman are very
self-collected, the widow and sister conver-
sing quietly on indifferent subjects, the chil-
dren playing about as usual, but rather
   4.  Thursday.  A vessel discovered in
the distance, her masts appearing over the low,
sedgy shores of Otter Island.  She is evident-
ly aground and proves to be a blockade
runner.  For particulars of capture see
Tribune letter, page 109.  At night there
was a great carousal, in honor of the prize,
aboard the Shepherd Knapp, which lay
near us.  We could hear the singing and
bacchanalian merriment, and whiskeyless our-
selves, didn�t enjoy it.  The prevalent senti-
ment on the Delaware was �They might have
spared us a bottle or two.�               
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