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Text for Page 158 [09-05-1862]

                    Quarantine ended.
   5.  Friday.  Arrival of the Cosmopolitan
with newspapers.
   6.  Saturday.  Burial of a soldier who
died last night, on Otter Island.  I attend.
Schofield taken sick this evening, and Capt.
Bacon, who had come back to the vessel
wet through from a shooting excursion.
   7.  Sunday.  A general scare on board
about the yellow fever.  Letter-writing.
Arrival of the Cosmopolitan again and I
see Charley Honeywell aboard, on the stern
amid a group of spectators, he recognizing
me.  We are ordered to steam back to Hil-
ton Head and do so, lying off there.  Specu-
lation as to whether we shall not be sent off
to New York, to perform quarantine there.
   8.  Wednesday.  Speculation continued.  Cris-
pell and Crane aboard.  Faircloth greatly
exercised at the prospect of returning to
New York.  Talking of his duty to his owners
and the like.  This at last decided that
we are to put into Hilton Head.  Accomplish-
ing this, Capt. Cannon, the rightful com-
mander of the Delaware comes aboard.
Disastrous news from Virginia, among other
particulars the death of Generals Stevens
and Kearny.  Sensation thereon.  A cham-               
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