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Text for Page 070 [03-30-1852]

              had I thought once of the name I might have
discovered the affinity.)            Talked with
Weldon on this (he introducing the subject;) on
his sickness, and other matters; � books and book
    Quitting him called on Mathews, and
saw him.   They gave my last block to Frere
and Bellew to Engrave, which I like not at all.
To Genins, � met Lockington again for the fiftieth
time, � to Mc A Fee�s for wood, then back
to Office about 3, a dull drizzling dismal
day.      Dozed awhile.         At 7 Joe and a
fellow shopmate came, and together we went to
the Tabernacle, there paying each our Shilling
to hear Chapin�s lecture on John Hampden               
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