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Text for Page 159 [09-08-1862]

                    Hilton Head again.
pagne party aboard of Cannon�s beginning,
in which we drink to the memory of the two
generals, in silence.  About half a score of
persons present soon.  Bethel�s health &
that of Pinkney drank the former responding
in a high-flown, discursive, wobbling, erra-
tic manner.  Left, directly the Delaware
reached the wharf and went ashore.  Met
Capt. King.  To Adams� Express office.  Got
$50 remitted from the Tribune, which had
been laying there for some weeks.  Saw Osborne
of the Herald.  To the postmaster�s saw him
and Winser of the Times.  With the letter
to the office of Ellwell, the quartermaster
and got him to write to Commodore Dupont
asking for a passage for me to New York
by the U.S. Transport Massachusetts which
was to start by day-break to-morrow.  Then
to dine with Winser at Sears,  the post master�s
justly-named �mess.�  Innumerable flies,
fried bacon and canvas.  Thence to Winser�s
adjacent lodging where he was engaged
partly in writing a letter to the Times, partly
revising proof for the New South.  Anon to
old quarters, meeting negro William by the way.
To the rooms I had occupied with Rice find-
ing only a negro asleep there.  Hickocks had               
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