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Text for Page 160 [09-08-1862]

                  Departure from
recently been in possession but was at Beau-
fort.  Got my coats and returned to the Del-
aware, meeting Gen. Terry and others coming
up the long pier.  Found James, drunk, and
Birdsall partly so.  In my cabin doing things,
tried a doze, couldn�t effect it.  So in about
two hours time                                
back to quart                                    
ters.  Found                                     
Hay in his                                        
old room                                          
writing, the                                       
door of the ad-                                 
joining apart-                                    
ment being                                       
open and re-                                     
vealing Dole.                                    
Talked with  

Osborne of the N. Y. Herald.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
	him.  Saw-
	yer came;
	had been
	sick.  Thomp-
	son came
	from the
	and related 
	how Bird-
	sall had
	got very
	drunk in-
deed and been carried off by mistake to
Beaufort.  Visited Freeman the �vet� and
had half and hours talk with him.  Then
to the hotel to sup with a promiscuious party
among which were Hay and Bacon the less.
Previously I had met Winser and Ellwell
on horseback when the latter had given me
a note of account from Dupont.  So I don�t
wait for the St. Mary, which starts to-               
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