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Text for Page 161 [09-08-1862]

                        Hilton Head.
morrow at 5 P.M. but goes only to Fortress
Monroe and Alexandria, as is conjectured,
whereas the Massachusetts steams direct for
New York.  Down the pier after supping, got
things off the Delaware and put ´┐Żem in tug
for conveyance, with myself, to the departing
vessel.  Freeman went aboard with me, and
I found Osborne there, probably going to
get off his dispatches.  Not a bad little chap
for a Herald man, the which are generally
objectionable; Celtic in features.  Up the tall
side of the Massachusetts, following the mail-
bags.  A gunboat steams up, in the captain
of which I recognize my little acquaintance
Baldwin, fellow-passenger aboard the
Locust Point.  An interview with Capt.
Cooper of the Massachusetts and with a gen-
tlemanly young surgeon named Hutchings,
to whom I paid $10 for a mess-fee, to
be partially refunded towards the end of the
voyage.  The vessel was very crowded, he
said, but he contrived to give me a berth
above a pilot, one Capt. Haffords.  He was
a little, black-bearded, prompt conversable
man.  On deck awhile; a crowd there, the
sailors busy.  Got an opportunity to dress
boil, which was very painful an turned in.               
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