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Text for Page 163 [09-10-1862]

              On the way northwards.
at a painted-target anchored in the water.
a great concussion when near us.  Onwards.
Dinner.  A smoke in the only allowable
place, forwards, below.  Talk with a young
Nova Scotian, one of the two passengers aboard
the Fanny Laure when the Shepherd Knapp
took her.  He was medical, educated at Edin-
burgh and had lived in London; had sailed
for Nassau from New York.  I think he
and his companions had made the venture in-
tending to get appointed army-surgeons among
the rebels.  Dressed boil under difficulties,
with linseed, supplied by the young doctor.  A
rough night, water dashing into the portholes,
some of the battles of the �shottecary�s pop� in
which my berth was located, getting loose and
rolling about or smashing, the floor flooded
with salt-water, and everything damp and
   Extract from letter from Haney, dated
July 23, obtained on touching at Hilton
Head = �Fanny has taken a room at Dod-
worth�s and given up her own house. There�s
strategy better than McClellan�s.  She thus
cut Jim off from his communications, out-flank-
ed him and demoralized his entire force.
   No news from the remainder of the faction.               
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