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Text for Page 165 [09-10-1862]

             And from Jack Edwards.
gone to bed a few minutes ago, while
mother is yet down stairs.  We left the
Old Dominion last Sunday night, a smiling
crowd, packed into a long train of freight cars.
The ride wasn�t comfortable; we sat close to-
gether on our knapsacks, and one would be
half asleep when some jolt would cause us
to �collide� and curses would follow.  In
Baltimore; astonished restaurant keepers
with our appetites. Monday night when we
got into Philadelphia and an exciting one.
We heard and believed that a mob had attack-
ed and burnt down the Tribune office, that
Greeley was in Fort Lafayette and all sorts
of high officers were found out to be traitors.�
Jack on guard and �some of our boys� return-
ing to barracks drunk. �to one who is quite
sober and a little out of temper at not being
able to go out himself, a man beastly drunk
is a rather disgusting object, so I listened
with satisfaction to the discourse of a moral
young corporal, and fully agreed with him
in denouncing the inebriates.  Reached New
York on Tuesday and made the long-looked-
for march up Broadway with a full band.
Glad to enter the old house again.  Had enough
of soldiering as a private.  Folks all well.               
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