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Text for Page 166 [09-10-1862]

                 Return to New York
Sallie�s baby getting on finely and daily de-
tected in the most astonishing feats.�
   11.  Thursday.  Heavy rain-storms and
rough weather all day; going on deck with-
out getting drenched unpracticable.  Not
well; boil and bandages a misery.  No
water to wash in, no comfort anywhere,
except in the thought that we are on our way
to New York, and losing no time in going
   12.  Friday.  Rain still.  $4 of mess
money refunded by young doctor as we are
to reach New York before sunset.  And
at 3 � P.M.  I look out through the rain,
at the familiar shores of Staten Island.
A boat and newspaper.  News of increased
successes on the part of the South; of a raid
into Maryland and Pennsylvania.  It is
said that �Stonewall� Jackson has Harris-
burg.  Arrival at the Brooklyn Navy
Yard in an equinoctial rain-storm.  De-
barkation in boat and through it and
the Brooklyn streets, carrying a bundle
of unwashed woolen shirts, socks and drawers
slung by a leather strap, wearing my worn
out heavy old overcoat like a cloak with
the arms tied in front, with valise under-               
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