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Text for Page 167 [09-12-1862]

               132 Bleeker Street
it and palmetto hat, too, for preservation-
Crossed the ferry.  A very wet walk up
Grand street, tired, wet, and rather
ill; lager-beer in a cellar restaurant
then on to 132 Bleeker Street.  Mrs Boley,
miss M�Cook, James and others.  Installed,
temporarily into the big, second-floor back
room.  Upstairs, in the old attic, are Cahill,
Shepherd and the odious little Watson � living
surreptitiously as usual.  Mullen, the artist,
also an inmate of the house.  Lloyd mar-
ried and in the army.  A bath, dinner,
and to bed, but not to sleep, for I was kept
awake all night by the pain of a fester in my
   13.  Saturday.  Down town by omnibus,
a sunny and cool morning.  To Haney�s
office; he out; saw Cristopher.  To Tribune
office, saw England.  Back to Haney�s
and found him in.  Bellew came.  To the
Tribune office again.  Saw Wilbour and
Senator Wilson of Mass.  Saw Gay and got
a check for my salary.  To the Park Bank.
A meal at Crook and Duff�s.  To Leslie�s,
then uptown, reading letters from Hannah
and home obtained from Haney, who had
kept them for the last three months, thinking               
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