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Text for Page 168 [09-13-1862]

                    New York Items
it unsafe to risk sending them to me.  Ca-
hill and Jack Arnold at supper.  To
745 in the evening.  Mr and Mrs Edwards,
Matty and Eliza.  Jack at Nyack and
Haney supposed to have gone there, as he did
not appear, as promised.
   14.  Sunday.  In doors.  Mrs Boley gives
a bad account of Cahill, Shepherd, Watson,
Mullen, and Co.  I go up stairs to over-
haul boxes and hear Mrs Boley �giving it�
to Shepherd as he lies in bed, an account of
debt, drunkeness and general misbehavior,
the party had a debauch last night, it
seems, one of four consecutive evenings.  I
find the bottles of ale I left in one of my
boxes abstracted and have little doubt as
to who were the thievesx.  Cahill denies the
charge, of course.x  Reading and loafing all
the afternoon and doing some scrubbing in
the evening.  Boweryem came.  He off to
visit the Robertson�s in the evening, or rather
Mrs. R., for he has quarelled with the cap-
   15.  Monday.  Down town after 1 P.M.
talk with Pyne and Nagle at book-store.
Upstairs to Haney; Bellew an Banks
there, the latter hoarse and raffish, quite
  x He attributed it to Lloyd, when I renewed acquaintance               
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