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Text for Page 071 [03-30-1852]

              The building was filled, spite of all the wet weather.
Commencing with some remarks of general adaptation,
how the history of great questions is that of the 
actors and originators of them; � how though sterner
and perhaps less scrupulous natures may press in
and deface or alter, that the idea still smacks
of the first Thinkers of it, he went to the rise
of Popular Freedom in England.    That the Norman
conquest was not wholly one � in this, that never
were the Barons of William or their descendants
able to place the citizen so completely at their
feet as on the Continent.         That the Commons
had their rights, held to them, and gained still
more � finally the great principle that taxation
should not be arbitrarily levied, but only with
their concurrence.            Of the times that pre-
ceded the English Revolution.    Elizabeth he
characterized as �every inch a King.�  That               
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