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Text for Page 170 [09-15-1862]

                Hayes ; Joe Scoville.
to Mataran�s with one Bossy, a fellow wood-
pecker.  Talk of the two Wauds, Eytinge and
Nast.  W. Waud is at work on the Illustra-
ted, replacing Nast, subsequent to a row
between the latter and Sol, apropos of Mrs
Nast�s objection to receive Mrs Sol Eytinge
as an acquaintance.  Hayes� wife is with
her friends down east.  Alf Waud, according
to his acquaintance, came back full of
soldier manners and oaths.  To 745
in the evening.  Haney, Matty and her father
up stairs.  In an hour came Eliza and
Jack, from a visit to the Nasts.  Stayed
till about 11.  Looked into the Optimus going
home and heard Lipscomb�s cackle apro-
pos of things American.
   16.  Tuesday.  Down town by 1 �. To
Savings Bank.  Looked in at Anthony�s; 
saw Griswold.  Richardson is doing military
duty at East New York, in common with
Jack Edwards.  Met Joe Scoville at Ca-
nal Street, who showed me his card, with
�Correspondent of the London Morning Herald�
upon it and bragged about his �Manhat-
tan� letters.  To Leslie�s; talk with him
and friend.  Up-town by Centre street car.
To the Winter Garden to inquire the address               
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