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Text for Page 172 [09-17-1862]

                   New York Items.
Garden, supports the entire family, like the
good fellow his is.  When he came back
from Virginia he took to his bed and was
ill for a month, of jaundice.  Leslie refused
to pay him his last weeks salary.  Stayed
till 11.
   18.  Thursday.  Writing to Charley and
to Mary Ann.  Hall and I had a project
of getting up a panoramic lecture on the war,
for exhibition in England, he to paint, I
to write and deliver it, and I wrote to Char-
ley to consult him on it.  Afternoon to
Anthony�s, saw Richardson and Griswold,
and bought the photographs of the peninsula
campaign used in the preceeding volume.  Eve-
ning at Halls.  There till 11.  His sister a
Mrs Shepherd.
   19.  Friday.  Afternoon down-down, to
the evening post office and Haney�s.  Altera-
tions in the interior of the former.  To Walter�s
and Sons; saw Hall.  Evening in-doors.
Jewett back at 132 from the country, where
he had been visiting : Bradshaw here.
Also a blackguard doctor or dentist whom
I remember as having just taken up his
abode in the house before my departure for
South Carolina.  He is a blatant pro-sla-               
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