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Text for Page 173 [09-19-1862]

             The Blankmans.  Colton.
very democrat, named Blankman, brother
to a notorious lawyer of this city, who married
an equally notorious prostitute and brothel
keeper named (or called) Fanny White, for
her money. The brother has a showy wife
who looks like a strumpet and supports her
husband.  All his talk is praise of McClel-
lan and foul-mouthed abuse of abolitionists
and �niggers�, over the dinner-table.  Both
Cahill and Shepherd have been smelling
after the high scented carrion his wife, who
talks arrant Mercer Street.
   20.  Saturday.  Down Town in the after-
noon.  To Haney�s : saw only Morse and
Banks.  Met Frank Wood previously, in a
tall hut, looking hard and furtive.  In the
Tribune office was recognized by Colton
who told me the sequel of his Virginian ex-
perience, which was like most, dismal.
He stayed till after the Gaines� Mill fight;
lost his horse and came back to be laid
up of a fever for a month.  He said that
wells had to be dug in the vicinity of the
graves of hundreds of men; that the very air
was putrid.  I was well out of it, and
in good time.  Saw Gay.  Took the cars
up to 26th street, with the intention of visi-               
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