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Text for Page 174 [09-20-1862]

      Miss Maguire and the Thomsons.
ng Bellew at Fordham but deferred my
performance of it and went to 132.  Little
Miss Muguire there, who stayed to dinner,
sitting beside me in her old place.  Afterwards
I �squired her to her residence, the house of
the Bartow�s in Varick Street.  There I
saw that family, Mr and Mrs B. and the
children.  They told me that Mrs Hamilton
Bragg, nee Olive Waite, didn�t like Califor-
nia.  Talk with Maguire about Ledger.
I have very little doubt that he lied in the
most wholesale manner with respect to his
alleged triumph over this girl, and his char-
ging Morris with such an attempt.  By the
way she has been boarding in a house next
door to that occupied by Mort Thomson and
his wife and gave me some droll particulars,
about them.  They have three servants and
any amount of gin-crackery in the house,
and Grace poses herself on a sofa, and is
beheld by the passers-by in the street through
an artistic draping of lace curtains � like
an heroine in the vignette to a novel � Mort
too, gets himself up gorgeous.  Neighbours
were, at first, a little curious about Grace�s
ahosition, until they heard that she was �Fan-
ny Fern�s� daughter � which accounted for               
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