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Text for Page 175 [09-20-1862]

                   Bellew at Fordham
anything.  Mort used to strut up and down
in front of the house of a morning, in a fine-
dressing gown, with a newspaper, and talk
to his wife through the open window.
   21.  Sunday.  By the 3rd avenue car
and stage to Trenton, adjoining Fordham, and
after fifteen minutes hot walk, found out
�Belmont� where Bellew lived.  It was a
handsome, spacious, wooden one, built on
a hill, and standing in grounds and a large
garden.  Bellew, his wife, the little girl
Allie and her baby brother.  They had no
servant for the �girl� had left summarily
and there was nothing in the house for dinner,
for Bellew had to search until he found
some eggs, which the hens he kept had fur-
nished, enabling Mrs Bellew to furnish
an omelette.  It did not appear, however,
until I was confoundedly hungry.  A stroll
through the village afterwards with Bellew,
involving talk and milk-punches.  He said
he liked the place exceedingly, that �his land-
lord� allowed him to live rent-free in it, and
that at first he and Mrs Bellew had nar-
rowly escaped domiciling themselves with
Mr and Mrs Morse � the latter the ex-Mrs
Kidder! They had arranged to go thither               
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