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Text for Page 177 [09-21-1862]

               Faircloth and his news.
for drawing and arguing on every possible
subject.  Beckett Bellew was, at this time,
living at Harlem, and, I think, keeping a
   22.  Monday.  A stroll along the woody
banks of the Bronx river with Bellew.  Re-
turned to New York by the 10 o�clock train,
not sorry to be there, for I had had but a
poor breakfast and was hungry.  In-doors
the rest of the day.
   23.  Tuesday.  Down town per omnibus
to Harper�s.  Got papers : saw John Bonner,
Webb of the Times and Guernsey.  Walked
to Nassau St. with Bonner.  Then up-town.
Writing to my mother and to Dr Freeman,
the �vet� at Hilton Head.
   24.  Wednesday.  To Spring Street post-
office.  Writing editorial for Tribune.  Ha-
ney came, with letter from Hannah; and,
simultaneously Capt. Faircloth, of the Cos-
mopolitan and Delaware.  He had returned
by the St Mary.  It appeared that the
yellow fever had broken out on board the
Delaware immediately after my departure,
that nine of the soldiers had died of it, and
nearly everybody been sick.  Thompson and
Hay had it, but not bad, also Birdsall.               
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