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Text for Page 178 [09-24-1862]

              Mort Thomson�s father.
who had come back to New York with the
captain.  Haney stayed till 10.  He visits
the Nasts occasionally.
   25.  Thursday.  Writing.  By 1 � down
town by omnibus.  To the corner of West and
Cedar Streets.  Calling on the �owners� of
Faircloth.  Failed to find him or Bird-
sall.  To Tribune office with editorial.  Saw
England.  While I was talking with him
there came up a middle-aged, spare, grave-
looking man with rather a big stick, whom
I immediately suspected to be the father of
Mort Thomson, as he proved.  He came in
with a letter from his son Clifford, in the
U.S.A. from which it appeared that that
young hero had been appointed aide to Gen.
Pleasanton.  Saw Gay, who was very friend-
ly and who asked if I didn�t want to
travel again � to go to the west for instance.
Left.  Met Capt. Jim Turner.  Did I
ever chronicle his licking O�Brien for ridicu-
ling an actress who was Turner�s mistress,
and who played at Burton�s in Chamber
Street seven or eight years ago.  Turner
was in the police, then ; and O�Brien had
got Raymond to let him do some sensation
criticism in the Times.)  Met Steve Branch.               
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