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Text for Page 072 [03-30-1852]

              to use her own words � �there was but one
Mistress, and No Master.�     Tyranny there was
but tyranny of such a woman was better than
that of the Pedant, Coward and Fool James
the First, her successor.   (He was characterized
as having a �slobbering mouth and coarse broad
accent.�)        Of the struggles with the Parlia-
ment through his unquiet reign, of the growing
discontent of the people.     Then how Charles
succeeding, who with a better nature and morals
yet held as high an idea of kingly rule and supre-
macy, attempted to overawe and check the
Commons.     Of the stormy debates, of the king�s
Faithlessness, imposts and tyranny.   Then to
the subject of the lecture � Hampden � his quiet
and comparatively obscure early life � his studying
at Magdalen College Oxford � his legal               
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