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Text for Page 179 [09-25-1862]

            �Doesticks� a blackguard.
up-town.  Hall called in the evening and
Billington.  Drinks and talk.  Writing till
12, after their departure.  Wrote a note to
Sam.  Wilkeson, now recuperating from his
Virginian sufferings on his farm at New
Canaan, Columbia Co. N.Y.  Got a letter
from Rice this morning, dated Cincinatti, and
inviting me to go thither, also one from Post-
master Sears, written in N.Y. Harbor, off
Barnegat, enclosing the letters from Jack
Edwards and Haney which are condensed
on pages 150 and 151.  Apropos of the
Thomson family, I have learnt from Haney
that the father is a drunkard as well as the
son.  It was this vice that caused his aliena-
tion from his family and his absence in Cali-
fornia.  Fanny is disappointed at the result
of Grace�s marriage and hopes that her
remaining daughter will �at least marry a
a decent man.�  Mort proposed turning his
mother into the streets, and would have done
it long ago, but or Parton�s interference and
intercession.  Everyway �Doesticks� develops
as a selfish humbug, a spendthrift, a black-
guard and a profligate.  he tried to bully
papa Edwards in behalf of �Fanny�, actually
calling at 745 for that purpose and talk-               
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