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Text for Page 182 [09-27-1862]

             Boweryem and the Robertsons.
attack of yellow fever ! It presently appeared
that after visiting me he had gone home, comp-
lained of indisposition and stated that he
thought that the unpacking of my limited bag-
gage might have conveyed the infection for
him, for he felt the appropriate symptoms.
So he �went through the motions� of being ill with
the yellow fever and retired to bed on the
strength of the idea, recovering in the course
of the next day.  He had quarelled with
Capt. Robinson rather foolishly of which the
jolly ex-actress Mrs. R. gave me an amusing
account.  Robinson had �rented� the drop-scene
at Barnums for the purpose of covering it with
unprofitable ventures which never paid. �When�
said Mrs. B. �we were living in the drop-scene,
� all of us.�  She shrewdly counselled Bowery-
em at least to simulate assent to her hus-
band�s wishes, but no!  The little man was
too cocky and a row ensued, when Bowery-
em behaved in his usual demonstrative man-
ner.  So he left the house, where he was really
very kindly treated and wrote letters to Robert-
son about the proprietorship of their post-office               
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