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Text for Page 183 [09-27-1862]

               745,      Emigration Project.
box etc.  By 9 � to 745.  The girls and
their parents here.  Haney and Jack away
at Pougkeepsie
   28.  Sunday.  Is put down erroneously
to the credit of Saturday.  On the latter day
Mr Edwards                                 
called on me                                 
about procuring                            
my aid for                                   
a colonization                                
scheme in get-                               
ting South                                      
negroes to emi-                              
grate to Aus-                                  
tralia, to                                          
cultivate cot-                                  
ton, and set-                                    
tle there.  I                                      
proposed to                                    
put him into

Miss Lizzie Woodward.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
	with Prince
	Rivers, an in-
	fluential man
	among the ex-
	slaves of Hil-
	ton Head.
	Writing to
	Hannah and
	scoring up
	Diary until
	pretty late
	at night.
	I have cut
	Cahill and
	company al-
most totally, only speaking a little to Shepherd.
   29.  Monday.  Down town in the afternoon.
To Tribune office, saw Gay.  To Haney�s.  He
has met Edge and scolded him about the bor-
rowed $17.  To the Evening Post office.  In
the evening went to 9th Street and called on Liz-               
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