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Text for Page 184 [09-29-1862]

                     Lizzie Woodward.
zie Woodward, who appeared in the boarding-
house parlor very brightly dressed and plump-
looking.  By this time Lizzie was understood
to be �engaged� to Fite, but she didn�t object
to a little extraneous kissing and would, I am
sure, have thrown the little toy-shop clerk over, if
a more eligible suitor had presented himself.
She hinted as much.  It seems to be all over
between her sister and and George Richardson, who,
says Lizzie, �behaved shamefully.�  I think
Sophy really liked him very much, and what
is more, was constant to him in his absence.
  I had a letter from Rice at Louisville to-
   30.  Tuesday.  In-doors all day, writing
article for the �Continental Mag.�, as requested
by its proprietor, whom I met at the �Tribune�
office and was introduced to by Gay.  Bird-
sall called at 6 and told me that Thomp-
son and Hay were on their way hither
from South Carolina.

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