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Text for Page 073 [03-30-1852]

              profession.   Of the Influence and Regard
he was held in.   His moderation, religion and
earnestness of purpose.       Of the Import of Ship-
money, and his contest with Charles.     His de-
feat yet triumph.     Then of the Wars, and
his counsel that events should be briskly proceeded
with.     Of his Death.       Then, generally of
the man�s good, frank, brave, liberty loving
nature, no demagogue, or mere zealot, untrust-
able creature of impulse, but a thinking, sober
man.      Akin to Washington.       Of his fore
knowledge of men.     Speaking of Cromwell. �If
we come to avar with the King (which God forbid)
that Sloven will be the greatest man in England�
      Applying the subject to this and all times, 
the lecturer showed how good it was to refresh
ourselves by the example of these men, � that we
may have faith and love to animate us.   That               
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