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Text for Page 074 [03-30-1852]

              Liberty is no New Story, but written in the
heart of men of all times.     That in History
Louis Nap�s Coup d�e Etat will look as little
as Charles 2nd Restoration.  The great river
flows ever onwards, sweeping over or aroud these,
temporary distractions.            /
  One thing pleased me marvellously, and yet
another.  Speaking of Race, that it would
seem that Liberty was the Inheritance of the Anglo
Saxon.   That words of power, conquest &c.
in the English language were mostly of Norman
stock, but Love, Home, Heart, and the like
Household Words � Saxon.          So is it.
  Saxon is unquestionably the stock of our noble
tongue � the test of an original language is, can you
make a phrase or sentence completely out of
it.    Now you can of Saxon words � but
not of the Norman French.     It is plea-               
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