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Text for Page 075 [03-30-1852]

              sant to think of    Alfred the Great�s language
as ones own.                              Another phrase
pleased me. �The best men, the world heroes
have been those of conservative nature, thoroughly
heated through with liberal genious.�  This
I believe.
  31.  Wednesday.  In doors all day, save for walks
for breakfast & supper.   A wet and dismal day.
  Drawing in desultory and matagrabolized manner
�Henry Hudson on the Half Moon, sailing up the
North River,� for the Lantern.     Atmospherically
miserable.  Davis came in the Evening.
  1. Thursday.  Sunlight and blue sky.  Down
town, called at the Lantern & Reveille Offices. To
Wall Street.   Holmes removing.     Back to Office &               
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