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Text for Page 076 [04-01-1852]

              drawing.   Found a letter from Dillon Mapother
awaiting me at the Lantern Office, thither conveyed
by Miller.               Drawing till 4 or so, when
Edward Greatbatch came, with a letter for me from
my Mother.        Down town to supper, calling in at
the Lantern Office by the way, where I found Brougham
Bellew & O Brien.                   Writing to George Bolton
in the Evening.
  2nd.  Friday.  Down town, meeting Lockington
at breakfast.   Calling in at Strongs for pencils,
saw him and got paid for the work on the ´┐ŻNotions´┐Ż.
$11 &c.       Return, drawing the remainder of the
day.      Queer, feverish, overpowering headache sans
remission, and internal commotions, weak all over
and, profoundly matagrabolized.
  What a Crusoe like air my Notes have just
  4. Saturday.   Down town to breakfast, meeting
Swinton on the staircase, having but then returned               
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