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Text for Page 077 [04-04-1852]

              from Boston; � he accompanying me to the �Excelsior.�
Waud coming in there sat at the same table � few
scarce any words passing between us.       Leaving them to
the Post Office, thence, returning to the Lantern 
Office.     Back drawing, remaining till 1, then return-
ed to dinner, called in at Butlers, and Lantern
Office.  Woodward being in a great state of exhilaration
at the, then, rapid sale of the paper.    Carroll
and Hunsdale there.     Called on Lockington, finding
there the evil Woodpecker Knight who marred
my �Running with the Machine� picture done for
Strong.   Sitting with back towards he fancied I didn�t
recognize him.          To Butlers place again, with
intent to accompany him to the �Fanny Major�, the
bark which takes Joe Butler out for California.
Butler not being there, to Roberts, and after a
brief visit to my room, (and a � nip� with him
and a Philadelphia woodpecker, hight Walsh,) off               
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