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Text for Page 052 [11-11-1849]

              trite and commonplace when applied to Him. He should be thought
of, spoke of, with awe, reverence and deep affection, both by be-
lievers in dogma, and believers in humanity and God.
  12. Monday.  Droll thing occurs this morning. The unhappy
cat belonging to the house, (who is always hungry, and enciente,) finding
a hook with bait, attached to Wings fishing-line, swallows both.
Great to-do there-upon. Wing and John in the yard, one holding
cat muffled up in sheet while �tother pulls at the line attached to hook;
the poor beast howling terrifically during the operation. I recommended
Chloroform, and in the afternoon it was adopted, and John, Wing
and self succeeded, after the performance of a surgical operation in
getting the hook out.	/	Purchased, and housed coal and
other addenda to stove.   Drawing on �Mose�.
  13. Tuesday.  Out for half an hour on the stone break-water watching
Wing at �angling � that solitary vice.� Then drawing till evening.
Backgammon then.
  14. Wednesday. Ramble about the rocks, reading Brinsley�s �Weekly
Dispatch.  Talk with a poor Irishman there � some-how I like his
nation; � they�re so impulsive and warm hearted.  Arch-devil Tal-
leyrand said �always distrust first impulse, as it is generally good�.
This I think true, argal a man who acts on first impulses
is probably a good fellow.	Drawing the rest of the day.               
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