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Text for Page 078 [04-04-1852]

              with Roberts to the foot of Broad Street, where lay the
little vessel.  No stirring till Monday.  Returned
to Excelsior, oysters &c, then to Office.   Drawing till
9 or so, when Joe came.    With him to Reade
Street tavern for Welch Rarebit.              Talk
with Fay in his room, apropos of Monte
Christo � he thinking Revenge a fine thing, and
the hero of the book a fine fellow instead of a
most consummate and cold blooded snob.
  5.  Sunday.   Sunlight and blue sky.  A 
call on Lockington, then break fast at the Rainbow
and then walking through the still, peaceful streets
towards the South ferry.        Saw Roberts & Joe
Butler at the Vessel � the latter in a never-to-
wear out sort of suit of quilted corderoy, with more
pockets in it than one can think of in a day�s time.
Crossed to Brooklyn, got boatman & to the
Island.        Dined with Barth � Creecy               
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