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Text for Page 081 [04-08-1852]

              called, then Lockington.   Subsequently Weed
and Dickinson the Engravers, with the news
that Woodward had quitted proprieter-ship of the 
Lantern.   Brougham, (and perchance others) to
carry it on.     Down town to dinner.    Met
Brougham and Hutchings in the bar, after, tal-
king very eagerly.       To Lantern Office.    Bellew
& the rest there.    Return through the wet.
Work on wood.     Called in at Lockingtons going
to supper,  (Holbrook having called on me.)    Waud
there.     And he sat at an adjacent table in
the dining room while I supped.              Work
in the evening.   Small blocks for Reveille.
  9. Friday .  Lockington came.    Drawing for
the �Pick� &c.   To dinner at the �Rainbow� at
1/2 past 2.     I like the place � it has somewhat
of an old-fashioned air � tall windows, dark spaces
between, and irregularly shaped room.  Lockington�s               
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