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Text for Page 082 [04-09-1852]

              Holbrook there.    And there came a well-bearded
printer who had, with others �struck� at the �Sun�
Office, inasmuch as the sons of Beach had attempted
to reduce the price of 32 cents a thousand �M�s� to 30.
  Called in at the Lantern Office.   Saw Brougham.  Asked
me what they owed.     Woodward cleared out altogether.
  Brougham says he shall keep paper on.     To Mat-
hews.  /      Return, called at Swinton & Fay�s.
Evening Joe came.  With him to Genin�s new store up 
town.  Genin there.  Then to Mulberry Street,
where I stayed till 11.
  10.  Saturday.   Down town to breakfast.
Return.   Lockington came.   Drew subject for
a story for him, for a certain Cambrian
who proposes publishing the same.               
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