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Text for Page 087 [04-14-1852]

              at Lockington�s, (where Waud was, but he went out
on my coming in,) then Excelsior and supper, and
from thence with aching teeth, head, and body back
up my 6 steps to my own solitary room, and
melancholic fancies.
            I don�t regret Waud, for he�s wrong, and must
have a hard, uncaring nature to persist in�t.   But
it would do me good now to have a talk with George
Bolton or Boutcher.        There�s a jar and clatter
of carriages ceaseless clamoring down Broadway, and
the rain is falling downwards � And I�m all
alone.        I wonder where she is � now, and whether
I shall ever see her again in this World?
  15.  Thursday.   Having lain awake the greater
part of the night, troubled with a raging tooth,
picturing the detail of the mornings extraction, I
set off through the pitiless plashing rain, breakfasted               
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