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Text for Page 089 [04-16-1852]

              Canal, called at Kidders � door closed and deaf
to knuckle intimation.   Called at Franklin Street,
saw Mrs Hooper, Bland�s little son, and subse-
quently ascending tapped at Moorhouse�s room.  He 
was at Niblo�s, as his wife in that rich deep
heartfelt tone which some lady actresses are mistresses
of, assured me.       Returned to room and
read Wilhelm Meister.
  17. Saturday.  Down town to breakfast.  Return
and did another Jones drawing.   Down town at
1, called at the Lantern� Office, at Warren But-
lers once or twice, (he paid the $2 borrowed last week
all right.)     to Mathews, to Reveille Office, seeing
Mr Charles, then to Strongs (he having bidden me
do so,)   then to Lantern Office again.  Hinsdale,
Carroll, Dickinson, Baudoin &c.              At
1/2 past 4 walked up the sunny dusty Broadway,               
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