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Text for Page 090 [04-17-1852]

              with Brougham and Bellew to Lispenard Street,
the Club.             Some half dozen assembled, whom
I had met before there.                 The others, O�Brien
&c arrived, the Secretary read over the minutes
of last meeting, took money & (I paying 62 1/2 /100
for Constitution &c  Bye laws)      Then dinner was
served, and in good style.    Roast sirloin &
boiled mutton & accessaries.       That being over
with success, fumigation & imbibition.  The
Club proceeded to customary fooling, each member
funable if denominating any member out of
his luminous name.     Brougham as president
was Great Wick � the Vice, lesser Wick �
the dinner committee �Honorable Grubs�, and
the rest Bulls eye, Blazes, Rocket, Torch
Camphine &c, and the like.        They
tried O�Brien with much mock formality               
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