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Text for Page 091 [04-17-1852]

              and fines (of a cent each) were incurred at a
great rate.      Much talking and laughter.
But for the wit, it was, in proportion to
the converse, like Falstaffs bread to sack.
Much booh.        I scarce said three sen-
tences, holding it fitter to sit and see the play
than be before the curtain.  
Got bored and left about 8, called in at
Mrs Kidders for ten minutes, seeing her, then
to room and bed.
  18.  Sunday.  Had intended Hobokenizing
and a call on Mr Charles, but
no sun out, and presently rain .   Wherefore
I breakfasted in doors, at a cost of 6 cents,
and remained till near 2, when going down
town, dined at the Excelsior, with Lockington               
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