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Text for Page 092 [04-18-1852]

              who chanced to be there.  Subsequently we went
to a tavern nigh Thames Street, where sitting
by a big fire place we took a cigar and toddy.
It might have been cosy, but heavy footed waiters, 
horribly wide awake boys and homeless looking men
were about, and the former made a thoroughfare
twixt us and the fire.        I felt drowily dreary.
But the rain came slowly down � the fire was
not in mine own solitary room.     At about 5
to Mulberry street.         Supped there, then with
Joe to hear one of Chapins sermons.   Apart
from the excellence of it  I like the feeling of
being in Church.   I like to listen to the organ,
letting the mind float back to old times, old pure
thoughts and inklings of Life, Death, and Immor-
tality.   I feel childlike, happier and better,
not such a worldling.               
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