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Text for Page 093 [04-19-1852]

              19.  Monday.   Very sick and queer, probably
rheumatism, feeling as though each individual
bone in my body had been extracted, carefully broken
and re placed out of its proper locality.  Unable
to touch pencil all day.   Rain unceasing all day
and New York muddy filthy and dismal to the
last degree.     Out down town more than once, wearily
enough.   Very little sleep all night.
  20.  Tuesday.  Sick, and limbs aching worse
than ever.       Lockington came, and at his request,
despairing of better or worse, out with him, first to
the Broadway Theatre, then to Old Slip, both use-
lessly and unsuccessfully as it proved.        Thence, alone
to Canal Street, painfully and dismal enough, then
took a hot bath, which I think did me good.  Re-
turned and dozed.    Joe called in the evening,
and anon Davis and a crony of his; Davis               
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