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Text for Page 094 [04-20-1852]

              occupying himself in putting curtains before my
                 �Twenty bokes clothed in black and red�,
while I lay, head and limbs aching, half asleep,
listening to the noise of his hammer, the rain
without, and thinking of home.
  21.  Wednesday.   Fred Greatbatch came.  Down
town, breakfast, called at Lantern Office &c.
Returned and did the two remaining blocks of
the Jones� subjects.  Joe calling twice, and again
in the evening, very kindly.     Read to me, stay-
ing an hour or twain, while I drew.   Design
for a poster apropos of Nagles remaining.
  22. Thursday.   Joe called at 12.  Down
town.  Better in health altogether.  Rain all
gone � glimpses of sunlight now and then.  To
Lockingtons, then to Mathews, then dined, 
thence to Nagle�s, then to Mc Afee�s for               
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