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Text for Page 095 [04-22-1852]

              block for poster, thence to Lockingtons, thence
to Lantern.   O�Brien & Carroll there. Pre-
sently came in one North, writer,  Democrat, Met-
aphysician and World-Betterer.     Brougham
and Powell.              Bellew &c.  .      Left at 5,
supped, then crossed to Brooklyn, called at
Dunsiers, stayed half an hour, then returned
leaving Comegys there.
  23.  Friday.   Drawing, Lantern Initial &c.
Down town to dinner, to Lockington�s new place,
whilk he and Holbrook are busy at fitting up.
To Mc Fee�s and Strongs, Lantern Office &c.
Evening drawing on Pine, for Nagle.     Flaxman�s
etchings  &c.         Davis called.   Very cold.
  24.  Saturday.   Finished fine drawing, &c  writing
for Strong�s �Notions�.     Down town at 1.  to the 
Lantern Office, to Mathews, to the Reveille, to               
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